Merchant Policies

Delivery methods
Local Houston delivery (Houston only)
One item: US$7.00; Each additional item: US$0.75
Central time Zone
One item: US$10.00; Each additional item: US$1.75
Mountain time Zone
One item: US$11.58; Each additional item: US$1.60
Pacific time Zone
One item: US$13.00; Each additional item: US$2.80
Eastern time Zone
One item: US$14.95; Each additional item: US$2.75
Delivery notes

Add time zone to order for 3 day mail service 

Local Houston delivery is only for Houston and surrounding area

Processing time
1-3 business days
Payment options
Payment methods accepted
Payment notes

Select pay at pickup/on delivery If you need to use cashapp for purchase send to: $OrganicallySimple and reference your order